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GT 1V Skate Sneaker Red White 1AARS4 View larger
GT 1V Skate Sneaker Red White 1AARS4

GT 1V Skate Sneaker Red White 1AARS4




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  • LV Size UK4/EU38 White Box
  • LV Size UK5/EU39 White Box
  • LV Size UK6/EU40 White Box
  • LV Size UK7/EU41 White Box
  • LV Size UK8/EU42 White Box
  • LV Size UK9/EU43 White Box
  • LV Size UK10/EU44 White Box
  • LV Size UK11/EU45 White Box
  • LV Size UK12/EU46 White Box
  • LV Size UK4/EU38 Retail Box+65USD
  • LV Size UK5/EU39 Retail Box+65USD
  • LV Size UK6/EU40 Retail Box+65USD
  • LV Size UK7/EU41 Retail Box+65USD
  • LV Size UK8/EU42 Retail Box+65USD
  • LV Size UK9/EU43 Retail Box+65USD
  • LV Size UK10/EU44 Retail Box+65USD
  • LV Size UK11/EU45 Retail Box+65USD
  • LV Size UK12/EU46 Retail Box+65USD



** This is a Made to Order Item - QC takes 3-7 days **

Please note that we are shipping with default white box because DHL is charging by dimension, not net weight. It cost us over 100USD to ship the 1V Runner Retail box because of the box dimension due to covid. If you don't need the retail box, please save yourself 65USD on shipping.

If you do need the retail box, it would cost an extra $65USD. 

We really don't want to charge that kind of shipping but that is what we are dealing with during Covid.