How to order?


What forms of payment do you accept?

- All Kicks 247 currently accepts Paypal, Western Union and Bitcoin/Altcoins

(also Alipay and Wechat on request to Kane by email at [email protected])

IMPORTANT: There are Scam IG Accounts allkicks_247 and allkicks247_com_

which doesn't take orders on the site and only accepts Friends & Family payments so he can rip you off

Always order on our site and authenticate the order by email from [email protected] with your unique 9 letter code BEFORE sending any money.

We take Paypal Goods & Services to protect your money

Once I order how do I pay?

- We email you the payment instructions, either Paypal, Western Union and Bitcoin/Altcoins, depending which you chose when ordering, follow that email

Do you take Goods and Services or Friends and Family?

- We prefer Friends and Family, but take both. It’s totally up to you, regulars often help split the fee by adding $4.50, but it’s voluntary and just a measure of goodwill, all we do ask is that you reach out to Ken or Kane if you have an issue along the way so we can resolve it rather than make a dispute without contacting us.

Once I’ve paid then what do I need to do?

- For PayPal payments: so long as you have included your 9 letter order code in the PayPal notes, you can sit back and relax, we will get your payment notification from PayPal and update your order status within 24h*

- For cryptocurrency: email back the completed transaction screenshot so we can verify and update your order status to paid and will have that done within 24h*

- For Western Union: email back the MTCN transaction Code and we will collect and confirm back within 36h*

* during busy periods this may take longer due to order volume, if you want to follow up, reach out to our customer services staff on Instagram @ allKICKS247.ken OR ALLKICKS247.MIKE

Where do I get my QC?

-We email that back to you to the address you sign up with when ordering

How long does QC take?

- Once we get payment confirmed, QC follows, by email, in approx 3-7days(depending on stock/size availability)

I got the QC they look great! I want to ship, so what do I do?

- reply to the QC email ‘GL (Green Light) you can ship the shoes”

I got the QC I’m not happy, there seems something wrong, what do I do?

- To Reject (RL) or discuss reach out to Ken or his team on IG/reddit

Buyer will have 72 hours to reply to email if he/she would like to RL.

We have the right to ship out the order if the buyer do not email us to RL within 72 hours.

Reddit @ u/Ak247kevin
IG: @ allKICKS247.ken OR ALLKICKS247.Mike You get 2 rounds of QC MAX, if you aren't happy after 2nd QC and have RL'd (Red lighted) we cancel and refund as the 2 will be representative of stock and reality and there is no point going further + its cost ineffective as we use up staff activity time doing it and after 2 we hit breakeven on cost so its inefficient. Please check site images, imgur lookbooks and social media pics of our items to acquaint yourself with what is to be expected, so that you don't chase a unicorn that doesn't exist. Remember that retail vary too and some have poor QC variation as they are partly handmade and so are ours, so referring to Stock X pics as a measure WILL make it hard to satisfy you, get to know the item and its variations as we make ours to align with retail reality as this is authentic (or carry versions from makers that we check and approve as the closest to retail in the event of GT not making it). Do not seek an exact rendition of one pic online, its unrealistic.

We care, we want you to be happy, we do ALL we can, but in the end there are variations even to retail

Quality Check (QC) really is about checking for flaws like glue, scuffs, unevenness, pen marks, missing items and damage, seeing and approving your pair before shipping, so you know what's coming and are happy. The batch/version is what it is (as seen on post/social media or site pics) and can't be changed, though we do update and take on board issues that present themselves in the 1.0's so if you want perfection, take your time, know your subject and come talk to us on social media, we want you happy as that = sales and return clients, which is why we run a business in the first place, unhappy clients is a lose lose for all.

Don't believe the hype, or negative press, it's a competetive industry and others will want to lead you to their sales, obviously.

Seek advice from those that have bought before, or come talk to us on Social Media, trust hard facts, not rumours, and insist on hard evidence before all of your purchases. Good luck and I hope we see you soon.

What about scam accounts or taking my money and not sending shoes?

- We only take orders on the website and email back FROM [email protected] before any money is exchanged.

This is important to authorise the order and payment. If in any doubt do not pay, check with others you trust and contact US on IG or Reddit

Reddit @ u/Ak247kevin

Do you ship your products internationally?

- Absolutely! We ship to over 180 different countries! 

We ship Domestic first, to exit China, and then switch to International, so allow 7-10 days for the final tracking, we will email you to confirm its shipped with the domestic tracking first, if you don't get the 2nd tracking email with DHL/EMS Tracking, reach out to us on social media to get that:

Reddit @ u/Ak247kevin
IG: @ allKICKS247.ken OR ALLKICKS247.mike